Sales and Marketing Services

Our strength in Sales and Marketing has been a very important component to our success as a management company.


Our Director of Sales makes certain that we have a well-directed and trained sales team at each property which follows our company procedures. We work with the management team at the hotel to accomplish the agendas prescribed for each hotel by each market. Our sales reporting function is monitored weekly to keep our sales effort on track. We also work with our hotels to make certain that the revenue management function is working to benefit the hotels by participating in revenue management calls as necessary and monitoring the results. Again, we are familiar with the structures of the major brands we work with.


Under the supervision of our Director of Management Services, we support the hotels in the marketing activities which the hotels should not be doing internally or we assist in those activities to keep management focused on their guests, employees, and sales efforts. We monitor Social Media for each hotel and work with the management to respond and improve the impressions on potential customers.
Other items which we may handle are various graphics items such as flyers, maintenance of hotel brand websites, and marketing projects such as internet marketing.

Other services may be provided or contracted for our hotels as necessary.